Why Promotional Items Are Important for Emergency Service Organizations

promotional products

Business promotional items have been used for years as a cost-effective and strategic marketing tactic for any organization. Emergency service institutions use promotional products to drive consumer awareness and garner community support simultaneously. In fact, numerous studies have shown the effectiveness of such items; one study found at least 90% of consumers who receive a promotional product can recall the name of the company, and over 80% of them do business with the advertiser! From first responders to your local fire department, the experts at 9-ONE-1 Marketing share why custom promotional products are vital to your emergency service organization. 

Low-Cost, Effective Marketing Tool

While a digital ad is digested in a few seconds, a social post is scrolled by quickly, and an email can be deleted, physical branded products can last much longer, especially items that are useful. Pens, tech gear, wearables, and fitness equipment are all products your consumer is likely to hold on to and even share with others. Your logoed T-shirt that is worn out to the grocery store has the potential to be seen by many people. Your initial investment is all you need to spend to enjoy returns for days, weeks or even months as the item stays in use!

Instant Brand Connection and Recognition 

Stand out from the crowd and build connections with your community through promotional products. People can’t touch a digital advertisement or social media post, and they’re often quickly forgotten. Make your EMS organization or police department more memorable by offering something tangible that your community members can hold onto. Plus, you’ll be more recognized throughout the community as people who receive your promotional products share them with others. 

Functional Business Card

Whether you’re hosting a community day event or running a fundraiser, having business promotional products available to distribute act as your organization’s functional business card. Imagine instead of your logo and contact information being thrown out or tossed into a drawer, a branded mouse pad, pen, T-shirt, or travel mug will be used and seen daily.

Builds Relationships

Being a part of an emergency service organization, the relationships that you have with your fellow peers and community is important. With giveaway prizes, corporate gifts, and promotional items handed out at a fundraiser, you can build lasting relationships with those that mean the most to your organization. Receiving valuable gifts will impact people positively and will increase their feelings of connection and satisfaction. 

Custom Promotional Products from 9-ONE-1 Marketing

Promotional marketing is integral to building a brand and encouraging community members to connect with you and your organization. First responders and emergency service institutions know more than anyone the importance of a strong community bond! If your organization is looking for exceptional promotional marketing services, contact 9-ONE-1 Marketing. We partner with premium suppliers to produce the highest quality apparel and products, showcasing your emergency service brand, putting your company in front of hundreds, and strengthening your local connection. Call us at (484) 673-0385 to get started.