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First Responder Recruitment & Retention

There are perhaps no goals more vital to the average department than first responder recruitment and retention. Nationwide, we’ve seen a tremendous shortage of first responder applicants, as departments are struggling to resonate with younger generations through the use of digital media. In the same sense, thousands of departments lack the necessary resources, time, and funding to assemble an adequate retention strategy. 


Building a culture that incentivizes and recognizes its members is increasingly important, yet the true challenge is properly showcasing this culture to the next generation of firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and so on. 9-ONE-1 Marketing combines decades of firefighting experience with decades of digital marketing prowess. We’re a specialized agency that partners with emergency service organizations to enhance their recruitment efforts and ultimately find qualified candidates to fill their uniforms. 

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Personalized Recruitment Plans: 

Every department is different. Different goals, different challenges, different communities, different people. That is why 9-ONE-1 takes the time to understand the unique needs of your organization. Our recruitment packages are tailored around your department identity, and we utilize our proven marketing strategies to shine a light on what makes you so unique. 


Proven Tactics, New Means of Delivery: 

Many departments have an old-school mentality. Perhaps it’s tied to the rich history and tradition of your organization. At 9-ONE-1, we never want to abandon these customs or traditions, we just want to package and deliver them in a way that resonates with the digital age. We mix age-old marketing solutions with a strong knowledge of the digital media landscape to create a comprehensive marketing campaign. Utilizing traditional advertising verticals like posters, signage, brochures, and tents while implementing social media campaigns, SEO, and website rebuilds results in an all-inclusive first responder recruitment plan.


Modern Recruitment: 

What recruitment looks like today is certainly different than it did 20 years ago. To stand out amongst millions of online distractions, you’ll need a focused marketing plan that can really resonate. From a digital perspective, our expert team will identify the areas in which your target demographics are interacting. Using PPC advertising, SEO keyword implementation, and social media marketing, we’ll get your department in the eyes of young recruits. Similarly, our website design services will ensure these new recruits are impressed with site functionality, mobility, and quality. 


Retrain the Way you Retain! 

Gen-Z and Millennials value a different kind of work culture than their former counterparts. A heavy emphasis in the workplace now must be put on acknowledgement, team culture, and personal development. 9-ONE-1 implements full-fledged retention campaigns in the form of recognizing and rewarding your personnel. From creative pieces, videos, and social media posts that showcase your members to incentives that reward their commitment and dedication, we make sure your members feel confident and proud to wear your badge!


9-ONE-1 proudly provides EMS recruitment, police recruitment, firefighter recruitment, and other first responder recruitment strategies for departments located in the following PA counties:


-Montgomery County

– Bucks County

– Delaware County

– Chester County

– Berks County


We now also serve South Jersey. Wherever your department is located, we’d be thrilled to partner with you and help craft your story! 

Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing, print collateral, recruitment events, and more.

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