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For emergency service organizations, many of which are 100% volunteer departments, you know how critical it is to have a successful fundraising campaign.

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Fundraising marketing plays a critical role in achieving integral objectives, upgrading your equipment or apparatus, helping to increase budgets for recruitment/retention strategies, and ultimately can determine the trajectory of your department. Fundraising for first responders, however, can be extremely difficult to predict or determine which fundraising campaigns will be the most effective. With such demanding schedules, it can also become incredibly difficult to find the time to focus on fundraising for firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and more. That’s where 9-ONE-1 Marketing comes in!

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Tailored Strategies:

At 9-ONE-1, our entire team is dedicated to understanding your unique organization. With that said, we put a heavy emphasis on learning your unique goals to ensure that we can help you reach them. We also work around your busy schedules, as we know trying to run a fundraiser on top of other responsibilities is incredibly difficult to do. As a marketing company that solely focuses on emergency service organizations and has decades of firefighting experience of our own, our understanding of your goals and challenges is simply unmatched. 

Utilizing the latest technologies in online fundraising and taking advantage of contemporary fundraising awareness tools, we’ll help you reach more people than you ever thought possible. From establishing event plans to collecting key insights and data, our team is a committed partner from start to finish!

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Accelerating Your Fundraising! 

Many digital marketing agencies these days ignore the more traditional, grass-root marketing tactics and solely focus on digital ventures. At 9-ONE-1, we see the tremendous value in these proven marketing strategies, but we also know that they’re most successful when paired with digital components like social media, email marketing, web development, and much more. From complex search engine optimization theories to local fundraising dinners, our fundraising marketing campaigns focus on reaching every one of your community members to help showcase the importance and identity of your organization. Our digital team will assemble paid advertising campaigns, social media count-downs, donation webpages, and more that will all produce amazing results while remaining well within your budget. 

Fundraiser Tracking: 

One of the most important, yet frequently forgotten, parts of the fundraising process is tracking. Our marketing experts utilize the latest software to identify the areas of strength in your campaign, the most beneficial opportunities, and the areas that are underperforming that need to be eliminated. This way, we’re able to make real-time adjustments to eliminate wasted expenses rather than waiting for the next fundraiser — wasted time, money, and resources that your organization cannot afford to lose.

Ready to Take Your Fundraising to the Next Level? 

It’s time to build a winning foundation for fundraising and reach new heights of brand awareness for your emergency service organization. Our team has partnered with countless, proud emergency organizations in Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Chester County, Berks County, and throughout all of PA and South Jersey. We understand your unique needs and challenges and have the ability to help you reach any new goal that you set. Connect with the marketing experts of 9-ONE-1 Marketing today to start working out your customized fundraising marketing campaign! 

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