Why Grant Management is Important

grant management importance
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Emergency service organizations around the nation are dealing with financial limitations in regards to recruitment, retention, marketing, equipment, and practically anything else one could imagine. Oftentimes, the money is simply not there to allocate out to these core verticals of firefighting or policing. For this reason, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, provides an extensive list of grant programs that can work to fund emergency service initiatives and keep them operating to their full potential. 


These grants, however, are not simply a one-time exchange that magically eradicates all these organizations’ financial burdens. In fact, the grant process is more often than not a complicated one, featuring an arduous application process and long-term management strategy. So, exactly what is grant management? 


What is Grant Management? 

The term grant management refers to the comprehensive system that oversees all aspects of a grant, starting with the identification process and culminating in proper documentation. In other words, a grant management system ensures that there are no miscommunications among grant recipients and grant providers, that grants are properly written and edited, that all deadlines are met, and ultimately that your organization earns its intended grants. 


Application Process: 

Grant management services always begin with a deep dive into your emergency service organization. It is your duty to provide the grant manager with extensive details on your organization’s core objectives and areas that require the most funding. From there, the grant manager will identify the right grant and begin the application process. There are a number of data sets and resources that should be referenced in your grant application, and the right grant management team will know exactly how to frame your department.


Continued Guidance: 

Once you’ve been awarded a grant, there is still much work to be done. In fact, the planning process that directly follows an earned grant is one of the most important steps for any grant management system. From this point on, there are a number of contracts, deadlines, and other documents that are equally important toward maintaining your grant and successfully implementing it. This is why a proper grant management plan is so essential, as missed deadlines and other miscommunications can result in either your current grant being canceled or a future grant being denied. 


Tracking and Implementing: 

As hinted at earlier, grant managers assure that every single aspect of your grant is properly documented and follows all the necessary regulations or codes. They also ensure that the money is being allocated properly, providing feedback or write-ups on everything to keep an organized log of implemented spending. 

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