Why Digital Marketing Is More Pertinent to Public Safety Institutions Now More Than Ever

Digital Marketing for Public Safety Instiutions
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Public safety institutions work to carefully allocate money, time, and resources toward their collective objectives. While some institutions might be more interested in recruitment and retention, others could be looking to fundraise for a new apparatus or to garner local support. In the same sense, your public safety marketing strategies need to include multiple advertising streams that all direct toward clear and tangible objectives. 


In our current mobile society, the benefits of digital marketing for public safety institutions cannot be understated. While things like community events and signage are still relevant, the most effective ways to connect with your audience and get in front of new ones is through mobile phones and computer screens. At 9-ONE-1 Marketing, we partner with public safety organizations to create impactful public safety advertising campaigns that are goal-driven, unique to your department, and generate real leads and audience growth. Below, we’ve detailed 3 ways in which our public safety marketing services can catapult your digital presence. 



SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be an all-encompassing tool for your digital marketing campaign. SEO is responsible for the discovery process. In other words, there are certain methods to optimize your website and similar content so that users have a better chance of finding your website on search engines. Organic SEO, SEO that does not include advertising spend, does take some time to develop over time, yet the results in the form of website traffic and Google ranking are well worth the wait. Say people want to find the closest fire department near them to donate to. Pop up on their search first by utilizing SEO keywords in your blogs or website summaries that could match those searches such as “fire department in Philadelphia” or “fire department near me.” On your end, proper research on keywords is definitely necessary for best results. 


Paid Advertising: 

Many people might hear “paid advertising” and assume that means hefty expenses. In reality, paid advertising is an incredibly cost-effective way to reach new audiences, and specifically, targeted audiences that fit your demographic or customer base. PPC ads, traditionally in the form of website banners or social media ads, only charge you when someone clicks through to your website. In addition, you can “retarget” ads to the same people who’ve already viewed or content or shown interest in your website, capitalizing on viewers who already expressed intent. For an organization that desperately needs recruitment help, posting relevant ads such as “volunteer now” or “join us today” and linking straight to the volunteer landing page is the best way to effectively entice new applicants and have them apply without distraction or having to go through multiple pages.


Social Media: 

Probably almost everyone in your department uses a personal social media account, yet the social media presence for your institution can often be overlooked or take the backseat to other endeavors. While paid advertising and SEO are keys to your public safety advertising campaign, social media is an incredible way to keep your audience engaged, informed, and in the loop when it comes to announcements or initiatives. It also provides you with the opportunity to be more personal through celebrating holidays, announcing individual or team achievements, or simply showcasing the human side of your staff. Certain social media channels like Instagram also encourage sharing impactful imagery that could be helpful for recruitment. Remember to include a CTA (Call To Action) throughout your social posts, as stunning graphics and text can really stand out. 


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Now that you’ve read about the benefits of digital marketing in today’s age, it’s time to create public safety marketing strategies that will ensure you meet your unique goals. 9-ONE-1 Marketing offers turnkey digital solutions for public safety institutions that are customizable, proven, and effective. Our experienced team will develop a deep understanding of your goals and create a strategic approach to reach them and more. Call us today at (484) 673-0385 to get started!