Why a Good Website Is Important For Local Government Agencies

local government website

For most people, the first way they connect with your brand is through your website. It is the centralized home for all of your government marketing efforts, with all your web-based initiatives, social media, search engine optimization, and paid digital advertising likely leading back to your website. So why does it feel like local government websites are often neglected, bland, and difficult to navigate? 

Whether you are a business, entertainment company, public service organization, or local government agency, it is crucial to have a well-designed and interactive website to maximize your organization’s ability to meet its goals and adequately serve its audience. 

Benefits of a Well-Designed Local Government Website

Government marketing and website design have been slow to catch up and adapt to the changing times and technology. Regardless of if you are a state, county, or municipal government agency, you must be able to market your organization to the public and engage with your constituents directly. 

Serve Every Demographic Group

Local government websites have one of the most unique target audiences in that it is likely the widest. Government websites should serve everyone in their community equally, regardless of age, education level, income level, background, and comfort level with technology. It is paramount that your website is well-designed so that it is easy to navigate and accommodating to all demographics. 

Accessible Information

While the goal of some websites is to sell to or entertain their audience, a local government website’s purpose is inherently to inform the audience. Constituents are most likely visiting your website to look something specific up or find out information about a topic that relates to or concerns them. A website containing a lot of information needs to be designed and laid out in a way that is easy to understand and navigate so that your audience can quickly find the information they are seeking. 

Feedback Gathering

Let’s face it, people have a lot of opinions these days. As elected officials, local governments have a civic duty to listen to the feedback of their constituents. Newly designed websites can add feedback-gathering tools that give all citizens the ability to have their voices heard. This is a great way for local governments to build trust and gather suggestions to better the community.

Local Government Website Design With 9-ONE-1 Marketing

It is your responsibility to improve the quality of life for your community. Let it be our responsibility to improve the quality of your website and marketing efforts. If you want to update your website design and development services, 9-ONE-1 Marketing is here to help. Our experienced website development team offers graphic design, responsive design, search engine optimization, project management, content migration and development, and an easy-to-use content management system to take your website and digital marketing to the next level. Connect with your community and accomplish your organizational goals in a way you never have before with 9-ONE-1 Marketing by your side. Contact us at 484-673-0385 to learn more.