Using Promotional Items To Market Your First Responder Agency

promotional marketing for first responders

As first responders, your job entails exactly what it sounds like it does. Your officers, paramedics, or firefighters are the first people at the scene, establishing control and working to combat whichever kind of danger is present. Your agency thrives on being ready and reactive, but your police marketing strategy or fire department marketing campaigns have to be proactive in order to meet recruitment goals and grow your brand. 


Promotional products are a great way to cost-effectively enhance your agency’s awareness and build relationships with those you serve in the community. The most successful promotional items resonate with consumers and have long-lasting staying power. Below are a few reasons why your first responder agency should be utilizing promotional items. 

Lower Costs, Big Reach: 

Your first responder agency isn’t looking to break the bank with some elaborate billboard ad or a costly television commercial. You’re working on a determined budget, and you similarly are occupied with more pressing matters. Promotional items cost much less to produce and distribute than traditional marketing strategies, yet their effect on customers is undeniable. In a survey conducted by PPIA, 55% of participants said that they keep promotional items for more than a year, while over 52% said that promotional items actually gave them a more positive feeling about the organization. 


Consistent and Creative Exposure: 

Some of the best promotional items are the ones that people will use in their everyday lives. Products like pens, a phone case, t-shirts, or scratch-pads can become constant reminders to people of your brand. At such a low cost to your agency, that type of consistent exposure is invaluable. Promotional items are also great because they give you the opportunity to create industry-specific tools or knick-knacks. A police marketing strategy might include promotions like a customized badge with your logo or a pencil that’s eraser looks like a siren. Part of a fire department marketing plan could be a stress-ball for your desk that’s shaped like a fire hydrant. Finding a mix of functional yet distinctive promotional items will set you apart from other agencies. 


Building Community Loyalty: 

There are already those members of your community who outwardly support your efforts, both in financial contributions and through public support. These people are a great base for your promotional campaign, as they will feel rewarded and an even deeper sense of involvement with your agency. In turn, through their application of your products, they can introduce your agency to their friends and family, building a wider range of supporters. Promotional items are not only a great way to strengthen your bond with supporters, but they’re a great way to make new ones. 


9-One-1 Marketing combines over 20 years of marketing success with 30 years of first responder experience. We have relationships with top clothing brands and other manufacturers to provide your agency with the most quality products that give you staying power. Contact us today to find out how we’ve been helping first responder agencies make their presence known and meet their volunteer and staff retention needs.