Top Public Safety Marketing Strategies to Focus on This Year

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Many industries, including the public safety sector, find their marketing budget and resources are limited this year, as is the time and attention of their public safety clients. So when you do manage to capture their interest, your marketing strategies must deliver the right message at the right time. If your campaign messaging misses the mark or falls short, you may not receive another opportunity to sell your product or service. Whether you’re new to the industry or are a seasoned vet, many companies have trouble aligning their marketing initiatives to the right audience, which can make gaining the trust of public safety decision-makers more difficult. 

As you create your marketing communications, keep these four strategies in mind to effectively connect with public safety leaders and others in your field. 

How to Create Marketing Strategies for Public Safety Agencies

If you’re wondering how to create marketing strategies for public safety agencies, where to focus your marketing efforts, or how to stay connected and optimize effectiveness, the experts at 9-ONE-1 Marketing share four key insights below. 

Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience drives effective marketing strategies, increases brand awareness, and improves your company’s bottom line. And while you might believe that you wholeheartedly know your audience, understanding isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. Every sector in public safety is different, so whether you’re communicating with fire, EMS, or police, you should constantly be reviewing, refining, and readjusting your messaging based on your target audience. A good target audience should be specific, data-backed, and client-centric. 

Leverage Feedback

Your clients and partners are a valuable source of information and perspective. Having feedback can help you make smart marketing decisions, form an accurate picture of your capabilities, and identify the skills you might be missing. Speak with everyone regularly who is impacted by your business—partners, consultants, customers, etc. By leveraging this feedback, you can pinpoint the gaps within your marketing initiatives and find effective ways to meet your goals.  

Utilize the Right Tone

Setting the right tone with your content and messaging is key to marketing success. Your content should be formal and respectful while still being conversational and direct. Avoid industry “jargon” that is overly technical or hard to understand. Humor can be utilized but ensure it is tasteful so you don’t appear unprofessional. 

Take Appropriate Risks when Applying New Strategies

The digital marketing realm is changing every day—new technologies are constantly being introduced, and fresh campaign ideas are frequently tested. Because of this, you have an opportunity to take marketing risks, as long as you understand what changes are worth making. Take some time annually to revisit your marketing budget and reexamine your current tactics and strategies. What worked last year? What didn’t? Find the weak spots in your campaigns and change them. Instead of applying the same techniques year after year and expecting different results, you will find new ways to serve your clients and make more of an impact. 

Why Partner with 9-ONE-1 for Your Public Safety Marketing

At 9-ONE-1 Marketing, we are your one-stop shop for public safety marketing services. We bring decades of experience when you partner with us and provide services like digital marketing, web development and hosting, creative design, social media, fundraising, event planning, public relations, and more. If you’re ready to take your public safety marketing to the next level, contact our team today to get started.