The Best Ways For a Fire Department to Utilize Social Media

Social Media Strategies for Fire Departents
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The disconnect between fire departments and social media can be a dangerous one. For organizations that both work directly for the public and traditionally have major recruitment and retention objectives to meet, falling behind on modern communication tools can be extremely detrimental. Practically every department around the nation knows that it’s important to utilize social media in the fire service, but the large majority lack the time, resources, and digital knowledge to implement strategies on their own. 


At 9-ONE-1 Marketing, a full-service fire department marketing service, we’re uniquely positioned to spark the most effective and relevant fire department social media ideas for your organization. Our leadership team combines decades of volunteer experience with an impeccable history of running successful social media campaigns. Below, we’ve broken down social media initiatives for three separate platforms. The goal is to give you a deeper understanding of each, and how they can have unique effects on building your brand, retaining and recruiting, and strengthening your bond with your community. 


Lights, Camera, YOUTUBE: 

Youtube was originally introduced in 2005 as a platform designed for user-generated video content. Today, however, Youtube has radically commercialized, solidified itself as a media sensation, and provides organizations, (like your department), the opportunity to connect with the public on a larger scale than perhaps ever before. One of the great features of utilizing Youtube is your ability to create educational content that: 


  1. Is engaging, fun, and different from what other departments are doing. 
  2. Is informational (providing safety tips, giving a glimpse into your apparatus etc.) 
  3. Establishes your department as thought-leaders in fire rescue, prevention, and any other services you provide.


Original Youtube content can be shared amongst all of your other channels simply and effectively. Also, multiple studies show that social media users interact with video content at a much higher rate than written content. 


Using Twitter for Updating: 

Twitter is a platform that’s fast-paced, constantly evolving, and requires precise and clear cut communication. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s a great match to your fire department! Twitter can be used almost as an “update” tool that spews daily developments or warnings to your followers in the matter of seconds. Responding to a fire in a local commercial parking lot? Send a Tweet to update the community. Have an important press release for company news that you want dispersed quickly? Send it out and provide a link for reading. 


Show Your Faces with Facebook: 

Facebook, unlike the other two platforms that are societally considered more youth-oriented, has recently been stigmatized as the primary social platform for older generations. While this stereotype may ring true, that doesn’t mean there aren’t incredible opportunities to connect with your community. After all, your department is looking to interact with people of all ages and demographics. Facebook is a great space for both highlighting vibrant personalities within your department and boosting the morale of your volunteers through recognition and praise. 


Some fire department social media ideas for Facebook include: 

  • Celebrating volunteers for work anniversaries or birthdays. 
  • Showcasing volunteers that have made an admirable impact that week. 
  • Use #MeetTheTeamMonday to introduce volunteers and give fun facts about them!


If this all seems like a lot at once, that’s because it is. Focusing on social media in the fire service is incredibly difficult with so many other operations to tackle. 9-ONE-1 Marketing is trusted by fire departments to produce engaging, enticing, and informative social media content every single day. Between our content team, digital team, and graphic design team, we make sure your target audience always stays aware of your brand. Also, every department that works with 9-ONE-1 is assigned an experienced Account Manager who handles the day-to-day operations, provides timely responses and offers insight for any new project or campaign. Looking to ramp your social media game to the next level? Call us today at (484) 673-0385!