Importance of Grant Writing for Nonprofits

importance of grant writing for nonprofits

It is suggested that nonprofits base about 20-25% of their total funds from grants. Nonprofits don’t want to rely entirely on grants in case they do not come through, but when they do they can provide a significant amount of money that enables the organization to create positive change in the community.  Grant money can be awarded to charitable organizations, special projects, capital campaigns, endowments, etc. 

It is estimated that about $50 billion is given annually to these types of charitable causes. That is a lot of money that can benefit causes and communities. To receive grant money, skilled writers must make the case for why their organization is worthy of receiving such funds. 

Grants enable the mission of the nonprofit to be successful which has the power to impact entire communities depending on what the mission of the organization is.   

Tips For Non-profit Grant Writing

When taking on the task of writing a grant, it’s important to remember the purpose of the document. The whole point of the copy should focus on how the money you are requesting will empower the nonprofit to do its work. Be clear on how the money will be put to use and exactly how that will impact people in the community.

Keep in mind these 3 qualities when writing: Measurable, Realistic, and Actionable Outcomes.

If your grant includes those qualities, you are on the right track! 

Answer the Question: Sometimes grant writers use copy that they had written in the past over and over again, but it’s important to make sure that you are reading every question and answering accurately. The information you provide should focus on giving a great response to the question being asked. 

Be Clear On Your Mission: Keep in mind how many organizations are trying to also make the case to acquire the same grant money that you’re hoping to acquire. Your grant should explicitly explain what the purpose of your nonprofit is and how the money will be used. Leave no question unanswered. 

Showcase the Bigger Picture: Keep in mind when you are writing that it’s not just about how you will use the money, but further how that money will directly impact the community. Successful grants paint a picture for the reader of just how impactful the organization can be if awarded the grant money they are requesting. 

Research is Key!: When grant writing for nonprofits, it’s important to fully make your case by applying well-researched data. Anyone could say that they “need” the money, but by backing it up with facts, you can solidify your request that the money will be put to good use.

Receiving a grant can be a game-changer for a nonprofit organization. Grant writing is an important role in many nonprofit organizations, but not every organization has an experienced grant writer. 

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