How To Recruit Police Officers in the Digital Era

How To Recruit Police Officers in the Digital Era
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The current ways of enticing the younger generations of the workforce are entirely different than they were before. The emergence of contemporary media has created more direct avenues for cultivating the attention of prospective recruits in all industries. Namely, glaring visuals, narrative-style social media posts, and an online presence that portrays legitimacy and admiration of employees. 


For Police Departments around the nation, recruitment is a battle that’s becoming increasingly challenging every year. While in the past qualified applicants came in flocks, many modern departments are understaffed, underfunded, and ultimately looking for alternative ways to increase recruitment. There are ways, however, to develop a police recruitment plan that draws from traditional outreach campaigns, but with a digital twist. Below, we’ve listed two critical avenues in which digital marketing can increase recruitment and find qualified candidates for your department. 


How To Recruit Police Officers Online


Social Media: You probably didn’t become a police officer to craft and post Tweets. Luckily for you, there are professionals who did, and actually do so with incredible success and with research-driven intentions. Studies show that one in five people claim they found their current job online, and these numbers are growing exponentially each year. Social media platforms are the common meeting place for younger generations, and they provide opportunities for meaningful connections, influence, and impact. 


Personal: Prospective employees want to see behind the curtain before they are inspired to join an organization. Clearly, in the policing industry, there are certain scenes or images that are not appropriate for social media, but there are countless opportunities to show your officers or staff. This both humanizes your officers and whatever stigmas might be associated with policing, and confirms to prospective employees that your organization properly acknowledges and commends your officers’ integrity and their service. 


Engage: Chatting with potential recruits in social media inboxes or speaking back and forth through Instagram comments are the new methods of direct conversation. This allows you to understand common concerns, aspirations, and perspectives of recruits both on a generational and individual level. When you know your targeted recruitment audience, and more specifically their behaviors or attitudes, it becomes more clear how to market your services and mission toward them.


Updated Website: Not only are old, unresponsive, and outdated websites ineffective in marketing, they actively hurt business. An old website for your police department gives the impression that your operations and culture are similarly antiquated. Your website is the central hub of all digital marketing efforts. It should include relevant information regarding retention plans, incentive programs, benefits, and more. It should also contain impactful imagery and video content that portrays crucial messaging about what your department stands for. It’s not enough, however, for your website to just look great. It needs to be incredibly responsive, meaning it is simple to navigate for all web visitors regardless of internet competence. 


When your department is ready to dive into the realm of digital recruitment, you’ll need a partner you can trust. 9-ONE-1 Marketing, a specialized agency that focuses solely on emergency service organizations, is uniquely positioned to develop and execute your police recruitment plan. Our multifaceted team includes expert designers, web developers, and content creators all working together to produce full-scale police recruitment website services that stand out in the digital era. Ready to develop your personalized plan? Call us today at (484) 673 -0383 to get started!