How to Host a Successful Fire Prevention Open House

fire prevention open house

An open house event is vital to volunteer fire departments, and it’s one of the best ways to spread awareness, fundraise, hold demonstrations, meet the community, and recruit new volunteers. Open houses allow your department to open its doors to the community and present an opportunity to learn from and interact with team members. To run a successful open house, there are several recommendations you should consider. The experts at 9-ONE-1 Marketing share the best tips for fire prevention open house preparation

Fire Prevention Open House Preparation 

Like holding a fundraiser, an open house is a unique opportunity to show your community what your department does, your training process, the equipment you use, and how local residents can volunteer with your station. But the success of your open house depends on careful planning and a couple of strategies on your end. The stress of an impending open house can be daunting, but when you partner with a marketing company like 9-ONE-1 Marketing, which specializes in firehouse fundraising tactics and open house events, we can help you focus on your goals and run a successful event that will boost recruitment efforts and showcase your skills to the community. Below we share some open house preparation tips:

The Date and Time

The date and time of your open house are significant. Your event can be either during the day or evening, but try to aim for a time that people in your community can attend. Successful open houses are typically held on a warm or mild weekend to attract more attendees. Check your community calendar to ensure there are no conflicts. 

Planning and Preparation

Assembling an open house committee can help your firehouse stay focused, reach its goals for your event, and effectively communicate what’s needed throughout the fire department. Your committee should also work together to create a budget (preferably at the beginning of the year), so your fire department can have ample time to promote your open house event. Utilizing marketing strategies like advertising your event through social media, direct mailers, or email can help you make the most of your budget and allow for the best possible attendee outcome. 

Staffing and Equipment

During an open house, you should take the time to connect with your community members. It’s ideal to have as many department members present at your event so you can interact and show people how each department operates. Setting up different tools, equipment, and fire trucks are great ways to educate your community about what department members do daily at the station. But remember—emergencies can happen at any time. If your event is at your fire station, ensure there are enough firefighters available in case of an emergency. 

What Supplies Do You Need?

Have promotional materials and handouts available. You can also distribute flyers that reinforce fire safety messages and speak about the importance of fire prevention. 

Offer Food and Fun

Nothing draws a crowd like good food and a fun atmosphere. Treat guests to refreshments and some snacks from a local restaurant, or have your firefighters cook up their favorite meals. Your open house is a wonderful opportunity for recruitment, but it should also be fun! 

FireHouse Promotional Materials by 9-ONE-1 Marketing

At 9-ONE-1 Marketing, we know you have a busy schedule. On top of planning your open house, you’re recruiting new members, holding informative demonstrations, and saving lives; you hardly have time to worry about your marketing efforts. As a marketing company that solely focuses on emergency service organizations and has decades of firefighting experience of our own, our understanding of your goals and challenges is simply unmatched. Whether you need help with firehouse promotional materials for your next event or an engaging and unique social media marketing strategy, know our professionals are here to help. Connect with us at (484) 673-0385 for more information.