How A Professional Website Can Give Your Non-profit The Boost It Needs

Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Website

Now more than ever, internet fundraising has taken precedence of auctions, galas, outings, and other in-person events. The pandemic has surely contributed to this transition, but nonetheless, there has already been a noticeable shift in place toward digital platforms for fundraising initiatives. Namely, sites like GoFundMe have shown the world how impactful social media and professional websites can be toward raising funds and awareness for those in difficult circumstances. The reality is, non-profit marketing strategies should be following suit. 


Your cause is just, and your team’s collective efforts are unparalleled. The question remains, however, how can your non-profit excel in this internet landscape to produce even better results? At 9-ONE-1 Marketing, we partner with nonprofits to create and maintain stunning websites for fundraising and beyond. Below, we’ve listed four principle functions that non-profit website designers must consider, all with their own purposes toward reaching your fundraising goals. 



The design of your website is absolutely key to your non-profit marketing success. Outdated and unresponsive websites signify to potential donors that your organization does not embrace modern tools, and therefore, is outdated itself. For non-profits specifically, you’ll want to have donation pages, email sign-ups, or contact forms incredibly accessible and visible to all those visiting your site. Every page should be only a few clicks from other central, relevant pages and should be easy to navigate for even the least technologically savvy individuals. 



The style of your website plays a far bigger role than just providing a fresh look. A study from Stanford University found that 75% of people base the credibility of a business on how their website looks aesthetically. It’s not only trust that is formed over designs and styles of websites, but also distrust. In the same study, nearly 95% of people said poor web designs are the main reason they did not trust a brand or organization. This could further the idea that style and layout is almost equally important to functionality and usability for websites. 



A crucial aspect of a fundraising website is to be incredibly informative, legitimate, and explanatory. The majority of people may be skeptical about sending donations or contributing toward charitable causes that seem uncertain about their mission, provide little context about their services, and fail to identify the integral issues they aim to combat. Provide relevant information on when your non-profit organization started, how it started, and most importantly, why it started. Build a sense of trust and deploy a genuine call-to-action that potential donors cannot ignore. 



Now that your website looks great, has great navigation features, and informs the next wave of donors, now it’s time for the fun stuff! Every successful website contains a flowing assortment of original content that’s created to entertain unique visitors. Probably the most common form of content, blogging, allows your team to develop interesting stories on industry news and provide additional insight into the people, places, or things that you’ve decided to stand up for. Content can also come in the form of videos, which are proving to become increasingly more effective toward capturing the attention of website visitors. 


9-ONE-1 Marketing is a specialized digital marketing team that drives fundraising goals, tracks ongoing fundraising efforts, and builds fundraising initiatives for tomorrow and beyond. Our expert group of designers have decades of experience building and maintaining fully functional, stylistic, and responsive websites that are compatible with any device imaginable. Find out how a tailor-made website for your nonprofit created by 9-ONE-1 Marketing can make true strides in your fundraising objectives. Call us today at (484) 673-0385!