Fundraising Techniques for Golf Outings

Men signing up for Golf Outing at a table in front of the Golf Shop
Sign-up table for participants at a fundraising golfing outing.

If you’re planning a golf outing, chances are you already have some great ideas formed for the big tournament. The challenge now is how can you skillfully market your golf outing so the members of your community can participate? Strategic fundraising campaigns can play an integral role in getting sponsors and golfers signed up, as well as getting everyone excited for tee-off time. In addition to procuring sponsors and golfers, you also want to raise enough money to hit your fundraising goal. To do so, you will want to market your event as much as possible. When searching for the most beneficial ideas for fundraisers, quality and consistency will generate the best results. Below, the experts at 9-ONE-1 Marketing share simple fundraising techniques to promote your golf outing.   

Tips and Ideas for Fundraisers 

Digital marketing is a fantastic way to spread the word about your golf outing, but it is not the only option you have. Print collateral and direct mailers are also excellent ways for people to discover information about your event. Here are a few suggestions to promote your golf tournament and make it more attractive to potential attendees:

Create a Golf Outing Website

A clean and professional website with attractive graphics helps showcase critical information about your event. Remember to include details like, the location, tournament schedule, contact details, donation opportunities, and sponsorship options. While this task may sound taxing, when you partner with professionals like the 9-ONE-1 Marketing experts, we promise it won’t be!  

Consider a Press Release

Creating a press release publicizing your golf outing is a great way to generate buzz surrounding your event. Consider reaching out to local news outlets that often feature charity events for the community to help raise awareness. 

Send Personalized Emails

If your organization has a dedicated email list, send out personalized emails advertising your outing. You can send personal invitations or exciting newsletters highlighting your event to help boost excitement (and donations!).

Utilize Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools to raise awareness, drive fundraising goals, and engage with your community about your golf outing. Use your platforms to post about registration deadlines, the fundraising goals, feature a sponsor, and so much more leading up to the event. When you work with 9-ONE-1 Marketing, our digital team will assemble paid advertising campaigns, social media countdowns, and more that will produce amazing results while remaining within your budget. 

Additionally, your golf outing presents at least eighteen chances (one per hole!) of fundraising time on the greens alone. Try incorporating a hole sponsorship, a hole-in-one or putting contest, a promotional item gift bag, or drink tickets to ensure everyone has a great time while supporting your tournament.


Take Your Fundraising Campaign to the Next Level With 9-ONE-1 Marketing!

If you are ready to build a strategic campaign around your golf outing that reaches new heights of brand awareness for your emergency service organization, connect with our team today. We have proven fundraising strategies, including digital components, like dedicated social media campaigns and offline media tactics, like flyers, to promote your event and reach everyone in your community. Connect with 9-ONE-1 Marketing today to begin working on your golf outing event!