Fundraising Techniques for Fire Departments That Will Ignite Community Support

silent auction

When it comes to supporting our local fire departments, community involvement is essential. A firefighter fundraiser not only helps raise much-needed funds but also strengthens the bond between firefighters and the community. If you’re looking for exciting and effective ways to raise money for your fire department, we’ve got some ideas that will light a fire in your area and help your department make a lasting impact. 


Create a firefighter-themed calendar featuring your brave men and women in action. Sell these calendars to community members who would love to have a year-round reminder of the heroes who protect their neighborhoods.

Dog Wash

Organize a dog wash event where people can bring their furry friends to get squeaky clean. Set up stations with hoses, shampoo, and towels, and charge a fee for each dog washed. It’s a fun way to engage with pet owners while raising funds. You may even be able to partner with local shelters or vets to encourage adoptions, spay and neuters, and educate people on training.

Family Fun Day

Host a family-friendly event filled with games, activities, and entertainment. Set up booths with face painting, balloon animals, food vendors, and even a bounce house. Charge an entry fee and encourage locals to come out and enjoy a fun-filled day with their families while supporting their local fire department.

Training Camp

Offer a day of training camp for community members interested in experiencing what it’s like to be a firefighter. Provide hands-on activities like using fire hoses, climbing ladders, and practicing first aid. Charge a participation fee, and give participants a taste of the challenges and excitement that come with firefighting.

“Buy a Brick” Program

Launch a “Buy a Brick” program where people can purchase a personalized brick that will be displayed prominently at the fire department’s headquarters or a designated area. It can even be a brick that already makes up part of your building. It’s a meaningful way for people to leave a lasting legacy while supporting their local heroes.

Online Campaign

Leverage the power of fundraising marketing by launching an online campaign. Create a dedicated website or use crowdfunding platforms to share your fire department’s story, showcase your community impact, and encourage online donations from supporters near and far. 

Pancake Breakfast

Organize a pancake breakfast event where community members can enjoy a delicious morning meal prepared by your firefighters. Charge an entry fee, and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone to come together and show their support. It’s a great way to get kids interested in firefighting!

Silent Auction

Gather donated items or experiences from local businesses and host a silent auction. From gift certificates to unique experiences, let people bid on their favorites and generate funds for your fire department. It’s a win-win as local businesses gain exposure while contributing to a worthy cause.

Change Collection

Place collection jars or boxes at local businesses and public spaces, inviting people in the area to donate spare change. Small contributions can add up quickly and can make a significant impact on your fundraising efforts.

Fire vs. Police Department Competition

Organize a friendly competition between the fire and police departments, such as a charity baseball game or a fundraising challenge. Engage the community by encouraging them to support their preferred team through donations. It’s a fun way to bring people together, foster friendly rivalry, and generate funds for both departments.

Remember, people want to support their local departments with whatever type of firefighter fundraiser you choose. By implementing creative and engaging fundraising techniques, you can ignite their support and make a difference. Get creative, involve your firefighters in the planning process, and let the community know how their contributions will directly benefit their local heroes. Together, we can ensure that our fire departments have the resources needed to keep our communities safe.