Effective Local Government Marketing Strategies

Local Government Marketing Strategies
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Local Governments need to have a strong pulse on their communities. Through the creation of meaningful relationships with residents, local governments are able to better represent their communities and demographics, better understand the issues that collectively affect them, and enhance the overall image of their department. The traditional way of strengthening these relationships is through strategic marketing for government agencies. Local government marketing strategies, however, are constantly changing. 


9-ONE-1 Marketing is a local government marketing agency that focuses on building critical connections with community members. We know that now, more than ever, local government offices and municipalities need to make their dollars go further. So, our team has put together three cost-effective, proven local government marketing strategies that will boost your brand and digitally immerse your office with your intended audiences. 


Social with Content Marketing: 

If you want to effectively reach your target audience, you simply need to be consistent on social media. Many local governments will post updates only when absolutely necessary or when it’s convenient for them to share accolades. The reality is, to be truly connected and achieve unprecedented levels of government contracting success, your social media presence needs to be engaging, personal, and consistent. LinkedIn, specifically, has emerged as a primary platform for local governments to connect with professionals, showcase the inner workings of their offices, and create sustainable relationships. We do recommend, however, that local governments are active on all of the social media platforms to account for all the age demographics.


Discoverable with SEO: 

We’ve established the idea of creating enticing, relevant, informative content in the last section. Now, the focus should be on “how are people going to find us?” That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. SEO requires the strategic placement of “keywords” riddled within your website content that matches internet searchers’ queries. The better SEO implementation your website has, the higher you will rank in Google or other search engines when someone looks up your jurisdiction. This adds legitimacy to your organization, directs people more quickly to your key services, products, press releases, and more. It also means that when someone looks up your town, your website will be one of the first things they learn about! 


Focused with Pressing Matters Updates: 

While marketing for government agencies, it’s essential that you address pertinent issues timely and continuously. Clearly, there’s a glaring issue that’s been on every resident’s mind for the past two years. Your initial approach to your marketing around the COVID-19 pandemic was a momentous occasion, yet the opportunities to build trust and connection still present themselves every single day. It’s critical to send consistent, educational, and time-sensitive content to those who are looking for it. Webinars, specifically those with talented presenters and a solid technological infrastructure, have proven to be extremely impactful in disseminating the right information to both new and old sets of eyes.


Partner with a Proven Marketing Team!

9-ONE-1 Marketing is not your average marketing agency. We specialize in emergency services, showcasing the amazing accomplishments, personalities, and missions of your local government to those in your community you need to reach. Bringing decades of experience in digital marketing, web development and hosting, creative design, and more, we’ll take your local government marketing efforts to new heights. Connect with us today to get started on your unique campaign!