Best Ways Law Enforcement Agencies Can Use Social Media to Recruit

How Law Enforcement Agencies Can Use Social Media to Recruit
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Recruitment is an integral part of any law enforcement marketing strategy, yet thousands of law enforcement agencies around the nation continue to face struggles in finding new talent. In reality, recruitment is a difficult task, and some would argue that it becomes harder and harder each year to resonate and engage with the younger generations.


With the emergence of social media, there are more distractions than ever. However, there are also now more unique ways of standing out, building a digital brand for your agency, and ultimately recruiting qualified talent using these platforms. Below, the team at 9-ONE-1 Marketing has put together a breakdown of how to utilize law enforcement recruiting strategies through social media! 


Lean on App’s Specialty: 

Each platform has its own unique functions and purposes. Simply depending on posting the same posts on every social media platform will help to build your brand, but it will not help you truly engage with the people you try to recruit. For example, Instagram clearly encourages photo content and now with the introduction of “Reels”, they’re known to reward accounts that create original, enticing video content. These platforms provide you with a chance to be more personable and connect with new people. For popular networking platforms, namely LinkedIn, you might want to take a more formal, professional approach to recruit, citing things like benefits, role descriptions, and qualifications. 


Show the Full Picture: 

Many people have contrasting ideas about what it means to be an officer or work in law enforcement. Similarly, the advantage your agency has over businesses in other industries is that the average person is entirely intrigued with what a “day in the life” of a police officer looks like. Law enforcement recruiting strategies should always be centered around lifting the curtain, dispelling myths about policing, and presenting your staff as human beings each with their own interests, background, and passions. Social media provides endless opportunities to portray these “behind the scenes” look into your work. 


Focus on Interaction: 

The main advantage of social media over traditional marketing is that it provides a low-cost alternative aimed at interacting with your target audience. Remember that these sites were not created for brands or organizations, rather they were intended for people to share ideas, laugh, discuss, and engage with each other. From the perspective of a public safety agency, it is your duty to interact and engage with civilians, both in the streets and through the digital world. Create content that asks questions, gauges feedback, provokes opinions and comments. 


When trying to create a law enforcement marketing strategy that increases recruitment, a good place to start is understanding the things that potential recruits value in work. The best way to do this and sharpen your marketing is simply to ask! 

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