5 Reasons Your Fire Company Needs a Website

fire company website design

The internet has completely changed how people shop, find and share information, and communicate with each other. Americans spend almost 25 hours online per week and up to 5 hours per day on their phones. With instant access to a plethora of information at any time of the day through phones, computers, and tablets, your local fire department must have a website that is modern, functional, and mobile-friendly so you can be found online. We’re sharing 5 reasons why your fire company needs a website in the digital age. 

Your website connects you to your community.

The people you serve want to know you and what your local fire department is all about! Your website can be a great resource to share what’s going on in your department, as well as a great tool to distribute information, answer questions, and even share fire prevention tips

Your website relays your volunteer information. 

Since the 1970s, Pennsylvania has seen an 87% decrease in the number of volunteer firefighters. Access to recruitment information is part of this problem. Your fire department works hard actively recruiting volunteer’s day after day, so let your website do some of the work for you! A well-designed website can provide general recruitment information for your volunteers, along with all the benefits that come with the job. Having all this information in one easy and accessible place can make a difference for your potential volunteers.

Your website helps with fundraising efforts.

Not only is your website a great place to share fire prevention tips and volunteer information, but it’s also a great place to announce your fundraising efforts. Whether you use your website to set up online donations or share what the funds are being used for, it’s a great way to showcase your work. 

Your website can complement your social media presence.

If you already use social media to share information with your community, having a functional and responsive website can complement your presence. Your social media strategy can include linking to relevant blogs or articles on your website, which encourages people to visit your site where they can learn more about your fire department and maybe even sign up to be a volunteer.   

Your website lets you showcase the great things you do.

Your job is to protect and serve your community and sometimes it can be difficult to highlight all the great things that your department does. Your website is a great place to share photos, stories, and information on the homes, hearts, and memories that you save.   

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