3 Social Media Tips For EMS Agencies

3 Social Media Tipe for EMS Agencies

EMS agencies across the country rely on support from their communities for recruitment and retention. Without being able to properly promote and inspire brave men and women to join them, their mission to provide safe and reliable transportation for those in danger can be depleted. In the digital era, we’re finding out new ways that social media is impacting EMS agencies.

Not only can it help boost recruitment goals, but social media can also assist you in creating a favorable image of your EMS agency within your community. It can also establish real relationships with the same people you aim to protect. Below is a list of three crucial tips to take your EMS agency’s social media campaign to the next level.  

Make it Personal: 

EMS agencies are the perfect organizations to utilize personal narratives for successful social media campaigns. Agencies in certain industries often need to really think outside the box to generate interest and engagement. Your stories save lives, literally. Most people already want to meet your team and know what it’s like to be an EMT-open the curtain! While it might be complicated to post some of the more raw action shots, get creative. Upload an image of an EMS worker with some quotes on why they love their job, or how they received the call to action. Post some pictures of volunteers during a training session highlighting the employees present. 

Different Feeds for Different Needs: 

You may have heard that social media is impacting EMS, but how do you know where to start? If you utilize social channels correctly, all of your marketing desires can be met from different angles that support each other. As many EMS units around the country rely on recruitment to gain volunteers, LinkedIn is a great tool to post about openings and agency needs. Facebook or Twitter could be great places to circulate internal or industry news, show off some new equipment, or introduce recent hires. When you’re looking to really add that element of storytelling mentioned previously, find those impactful pictures and post them to Instagram. These platforms all have their own unique benefits, but they’re typically best used together in unison. 

Dispatch and Engage: 

Social media is used primarily for engaging with your targeted audience. You don’t want to always just post information at them, rather it’s more beneficial to post with them. As for an EMS agency, who is your target audience? Well, for recruitment purposes there might be specific demographics that you want to market to. As a whole, however, your entire community is your audience. Create graphics or posts that prompt viewers to respond and share their positive experiences with your EMS team. Latch on to current trends and celebrate relevant holidays with them.

It’s important to remember that not every social media post has to include these engagement features or in-depth personal stories. The most successful social media campaigns contain a variety of them all, and your EMS social presence should be no different.

We hope these tips will help you in embarking on a social media journey for your EMS agency. If you are looking for a marketing agency that focuses on service organizations such as EMS agencies, give 9-ONE-1 Marketing a call today at (484) 673-0385 to learn how we can get your stories in front of your communities.