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Police departments have interesting stories to share and people who want to hear them. As police officers and officials, you are intertwined with the communities of towns, cities, and neighborhoods, yet when it comes to social media marketing, there are many commonly missed opportunities. At 9-ONE-1 Marketing, we know that it is difficult to allocate crucial time and resources toward building a police social media strategy and that it can be even more challenging to navigate contemporary media in a way that’s beneficial to your police department. That’s why our team of experts offers completely unique social media strategies to propel your news and stories to your audiences. 


What is social media marketing? 

Social media platforms often share similar features or qualities, but they also have their own unique purposes in terms of marketing your brand or engaging with your intended communities. Platforms like LinkedIn can foster more professional announcements or recruitment initiatives, while Instagram can have a younger, more animated tone to announce internal birthdays or celebrate holidays. Social channels, when utilized correctly, ultimately allow your police department to connect with the right people, build on your legitimacy and reputation, and make statements to inform, invite, and discuss. 9-ONE-1 is a collection of social media specialists who can identify the right platforms for your specific objectives. We also help your police department identify the appropriate demographics and get you in front of them, in our Willow Grove area and across the nation. 


How can it help police departments? 

Social media channels have proven to be influential in creating traffic to a business’ central website. We are constantly sharing links to company announcements or to donation and application pages, directing your audience where you want them to go. Our social media strategies also help to link police departments and the people they serve together, often adding a human element to the organization and creating meaningful relationships. 


What is the 9-ONE-1 Difference? 

We first work side by side with your police department to analyze and identify the scope and the goals of your unit. Then, we develop customized strategies, create engaging and authentic social media content for each channel utilized, and promote your brand value. It is our mission to expand your community reach and to get your important messages out there. Police social media strategy should be different from traditional marketing, that is why we specialize in working with the service organizations in our Willow Grove area. Together, our team uniquely brings decades of experience in social media and in the emergency service industry. 


As you can see, 9-ONE-1 Marketing has all of the tools and the expertise to help your police department implement an efficient social media marketing campaign. Let us help you increase your online visibility, engage with your audience, and develop an online presence that’s consistent and professional across all channels. Interested in learning more about our social media strategies for police departments? Give us a call today at (484)- 673-0385 to further discuss how we can highlight and showcase what’s going on in your communities.

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