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Police departments play an instrumental role in every community across America. As protectors of our towns and cities, you provide people with a sense of security and maintain a structure of stability that makes us proud. At 9-ONE-1 Marketing, we want to help police departments showcase and promote your organizations to the same people that you serve. With over two decades of promotional product and apparel experience, our team of experts will help you grow your police department’s community presence in the Lansdale area, or any town you’re stationed in.


Public safety promotional items are a great way to improve your police department’s brand visibility, in the most cost-efficient way. 9-ONE-1 Marketing will work to determine the perfect promotional options for your specific objectives and create long-term exposure. Our promotional services are designed to both strengthen your relationship with existing police department advocates and create new supporters in the community. We offer a variety of pricing offers that fit any police department’s budget, as well as a range in services. 



Our team of experts will walk you through clothing concepts, help you to create your own custom designs, and even map out the distribution. 9-ONE-1 Marketing sourced through multiple brands and distributors to ensure that we found quality, reliable clothing made from durable fabrics and materials to provide the best possible product for our clients. Through this, we’ve made and sustained strong relationships with popular apparel companies that can seamlessly place your police department logo and more on stylish, comfortable clothing. For your team, we can make custom outfits through branded hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, and much more. We now even offer branded masks and neck-gaiters to sport inside during the pandemic. 


Promotional Products:

Clothing designs aren’t the only public safety promotional items that we offer. In fact, we provide an array of different products to help build your police department’s reputation. The team at 9-ONE-1 knows that some of the more common promotional items, like pens, keychains, and scratch pads, will have a lasting effect on your community members because they’ll be reminded of your police department daily. Because we specialize in emergency service promotion, we provide more fun, police-related products like our new police badges engraved with your logos.


Community Events & Displays: 

Events are always great ways for police departments to galvanize and unite their communities. We will provide your organization with personalized, portable booths for pop-up events, customized tablecloths, and of course, promotional signage and flags designed by our talented graphics team. These products provide a professional and welcoming experience that will make lasting impressions. 


9-ONE-1 Marketing offers unprecedented pricing options for quality apparel and promotional items to ensure that your police department stands out from the rest and that you generate awareness and leads toward whatever your goals are. From concept to creation, we’ve helped police departments in Lansdale, and in cities across America, have their presence made known in the community. Interested in learning more about our promotional packages? Call 9-ONE-1 today at (484)- 673-0385.

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