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The days of social media being a platform that only serves as a place for friends to communicate and have a laugh are long gone. Today, social media is perhaps the most important tool utilized by major brands, health organizations, and governments organizations to spread their message. Whether it’s a national government organization delivering a service announcement on Twitter or a local announcement for the locals of Flourtown, social media is used to build trust and credibility. 

At 9-ONE-1, we specialize in creating local government social media strategies to help strengthen your brand online and your relationship with the real people you serve. As a government agency, you have both the privilege and the responsibility to be a beacon of information to your local community. The most important thing for you to do is to establish and sustain a sense of credibility and trust between you and your followers. With the exception of some people who may still call local governments or write hand-written letters, the vast majority of your community members will come to your social media to consume all the relevant information they need. 


When you partner with 9-ONE-1, we’ll make sure that these messages are packaged and directed in a way that works for everyone. We start with a local government social media strategy that focuses on obtaining certain goals you want to achieve, and from there offer the flexibility to post and share anything you want to be posted. As we both know, government announcements often come at the last minute and need to be shared immediately. In this case, you’ll share the main ideas and details with us and package it properly with professional graphics and captions. 


The best practices for local government social media usage all revolve around consistency. As mentioned above, there will always be time-sensitive information that needs to be shared ASAP. However, we create monthly content calendars in advance to make sure that there is always something on your page every week or even every day. This way, when these big announcements do arrive or you want to promote a fundraiser or event, people will be expecting your posts already! Consistency is the key to growing a social media following, but posting too much can also push some followers away. 


9-ONE-1 puts a heavy emphasis on communication and messaging. Oftentimes in governmental practices, complex and complicated jargon clouds the true meaning of things. With that said, we’ll take your key objectives and messages and package them in a more civilian way so that all audiences will clearly understand. Our social media experts will similarly package all of your new information or educational posts in a way that’s engaging and interactive. 

Partner with 9-ONE-1 for Expert Social Media Services! 

Still looking for more best practices for local government social media usage? Trust the team that’s been partnering with local governments from Flourtown to Allentown for decades! Because we only focus on social media services for local government agencies and other emergency service organizations, we specialize in crafting your unique messages and connecting with your broader communities. Connect with us today to get started on your social media campaign! 

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