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From firefighters to EMTs, many emergency service organizations are 100% volunteer departments. Because of this, it is so crucial to have successful fundraising campaigns. First-responder fundraising allows departments to achieve their goals and objectives as an organization. Having successful fundraising efforts can allow an organization to maintain and upgrade equipment, increase budgets for recruitment and retention strategies, and ultimately better keep its members and community safe. 

There are many creative ideas that first responders can come up with to fundraise for their department. We have all heard of the classic firefighter calendars. Let’s face it, people are enamored with the idea of real-life heroes. Other popular ways to fundraise include hosting family fun days, hosting a pancake breakfast or pasta dinner, and running silent auctions or golf tournaments. Digital campaigns are continuing to increase in popularity with online fundraisers through social media and email blasts being very easy to set up and operate. Another great option for fundraising is working together across organizations. Fire Department vs. Police Department matchups in hockey, basketball, or any sporting event is always fun for a town and can bring a lot of people out for the event. 

First-Responder Fundraising with 9-ONE-1 Marketing

As important as fundraising is for first-responder organizations, they likely have a lot of other things to worry about. With such demanding schedules, it can understandably be difficult to properly commit enough time to fully plan and execute a fundraising campaign successfully. That is where 9-ONE-1 Marketing comes in. Our fundraising services provide the following benefits for first responders to help maximize their fundraising efforts.

Tailored Strategies

At 9-ONE-1, we don’t just offer some cookie-cutter plan to each organization. We take the time to understand your organization and specifically tailor a fundraising strategy to the unique goals and personality of your company. We work around your specific needs and schedules and plan a fundraising option that makes sense for you. We utilize the latest technologies to maximize online fundraising, contemporary fundraising awareness tools, and key data and insights so that our team guides your fundraising campaign from start to finish. 

Accelerating Your Fundraising

Most organizations or marketing agencies focus on either traditional grassroots fundraising or digital fundraising ventures. At 9-ONE-1, we understand that a fundraising campaign is most successful when you pair traditional fundraising with digital components like social media, email marketing, web development, and more. By taking traditional fundraising events like local dinners or bake sales, and combining them with our paid advertising campaigns, social media pushes, search engine optimization, and website donation components, we can produce amazing results and fully maximize your ability to reach a wider audience while remaining within your budget. 

Fundraiser Tracking

Once we plan and implement your fundraising campaign, we don’t just forget about you. We continue to track your campaign throughout its duration. Our marketing experts utilize the latest software and techniques to identify the areas of strength and weakness in your campaign so that we can capitalize on the beneficial opportunities, and improve or eliminate the underperforming areas. By making real-time adjustments, we can prevent wasted time, money, and resources so that you are getting the most efficient efforts to maximize your net funds. 

9-ONE-1 Fundraising Services near Newtown, PA

If you want to take your organization’s fundraising efforts to new heights, 9-ONE-1 Marketing understands the unique challenges and goals of first-responder companies. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work with you to create, execute, and maximize your next fundraising marketing campaign!

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