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Whether you are part of a fire department or police department, you are probably aware of the substantial decrease in the number of volunteers and applicants these organizations have seen over the years. Due to reasons that are out of the first responder’s hands, many do not have the resources to assemble an adequate retention strategy on their own. You can search for first responder recruitment tips online all you want, but there is only so much your organization can do with limited resources and a lack of time. One solution to this recruitment issue is to enlist the help of a professional first responder marketing team. If your emergency service organization is located in Glenside, PA, or the surrounding area, then 9-ONE-1 Marketing is the perfect team for you.

9-ONE-1 Marketing Digital Marketing Services

9-ONE-1 Marketing is an agency located near Glenside, PA that specializes in first responder marketing and recruitment efforts. We boast decades of firefighting experience combined with years of experience in digital marketing. Due to our experience, we have a deep understanding of the goals and needs of emergency service organizations, which enables us to provide your organization with the most effective marketing solutions. 

First Responder Recruitment with 9-ONE-1 Marketing

Through the help of our services, we can help your organization enhance its recruitment efforts and find the most qualified candidates to join your team. At 9-ONE-1 Marketing, we understand that every organization is unique. That’s why we provide personal recruitment plans that focus on your identity and what makes you different. Throughout the process, we will work side-by-side with you to understand your goals, audience, and communication styles. We utilize your rich history as a department and combine it with both traditional and digital age marketing solutions to deliver you proven results. Our traditional marketing solutions include posters, signage, brochures, and tents, while our digital marketing solutions include social media campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, keyword optimization, PPC advertising, and website rebuilds. When you combine these strategies, your expert messaging strategy will be placed right in front of the eyes of your target audience who will be impressed by your professional social media, videos, and creative pieces.

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Say a final goodbye to the days of searching for first responder recruitment tips online. There is no one else more qualified in Glenside, PA than 9-ONE-1 Marketing to deliver your emergency service organization a stellar recruitment strategy through digital marketing. There has never been a more crucial time than now to step up your recruiting efforts based on the current downwards trend of applicants. With 9-ONE-1 Marketing, your request for applicants will be placed right before the eyes of the people who need to see it. Contact our team today to receive your very own first responder recruitment services in Glenside, PA, and the surrounding areas! We look forward to working with you and helping your organization bring in new volunteers or applicants!

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