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If you’re a member of a local fire department, chances are you’re not an expert in web design. Similarly, in the world of emergency services, activities like website maintenance often rightfully take a backseat to more important, pressing matters. The average person may have a lot of questions regarding their professional website, including “How often should you update your website”, “What content should be me on your website?”, “Should you change the design of your website”, and so on. 

9-ONE-1 marketing provides expert fire department website design services to departments in Fort Washington and all across Pennsylvania. We offer turnkey website solutions so that your department never has to worry about a single thing. Our team of web developers and designers work exclusively on first responder websites, ensuring that your website is specialized to attract new recruits, encourage donations, keep community members informed of any emergencies or events, and increase your brand identity to anyone watching. Below, we’ve listed a few answers to the question of how often should you update your website.

Keep Brand Updated and Consistent: 

Fire departments are renowned for their historic traditions and for honoring the legacy of former members. With that said, almost every fire department makes some tweaks in their branding or marketing, whether they be minimal or major adjustments. Say your department got a new logo, changed your motto, or maybe you even have five new members since you last updated your website. The most important thing is that your brand is consistent on your website and all media channels and that your website is always updated to reflect that. In the age of new information available to everyone, make sure that your website does not have outdated content about your department. Similarly, as a public safety organization, it’s essential that you’re giving our relevant, timely information to your communities so that they can feel secure, safe, and informed. 

Website Speed and Functionality: 

In today’s age, people simply do not have the patience to wait minutes or even seconds for web pages to load when navigating through your website. If your website is running slow, you’re essentially turning away all of the users who visit your website. This means you’re potentially missing out on your next volunteer, donor, or sponsor! Another major factor in today’s internet era is mobility. Ask any of your friends or Fort Washington neighbors how they typically look at websites. The answer will more than likely be through their smartphones! Websites in today’s age need to consistently be updated and designed not only as “mobile-friendly”, but even “mobile-focused.” The functionality, speed, and design should be just as nice, if not better, for users accessing your website on their smartphones. Website speed also benefits your SEO rankings, as Google takes this into account when deciding websites to rank higher. 

Update Your Website with 9-ONE-1 Marketing! 

9-ONE-1 Marketing has made a name for ourselves in Fort Washington and all over Pennsylvania for delivering the most effective, comprehensive website solutions for fire departments. Our mission is to make things as simple as possible for you so that you’ll never have to worry about your website! Start your website design project with us today and find out why we’re a trusted name with emergency service organizations. 

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