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If you are a part of an emergency service organization, then you know there is little time for managing documents and staying organized. Additionally, low funding forces many organizations to rely on old-fashioned ways to store critical documents and stay up to date on reports. If you are desperately trying to get rid of annoying photocopiers and thumb drives, then the document management services at 9-ONE-1 Marketing are here to help. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly document management is and how it can help your emergency service organization. 

What Is Document Management?

Document management is a system in which documents are stored and tracked automatically instead of manually. The traditional way of manually managing documents led to wasted valuable time and money. Although document management first emerged as a way to convert paper documents into electronic documents, it has evolved into something much bigger over the years. 

The Document Management System Process

The development of the document management system has granted many people better communication and organization. It does this through capturing, storing, and distributing documents. To begin, capturing documents allows you to easily locate them when needed through something called indexing. Indexing is a way to classify documents or put them into categories. With electronic document management, things like emails, reports, paper documents, etc. can be indexed and stored automatically into your central document storage. Central document storage gives anyone in your organization access to your documents anywhere and at any time. With document management, there is no need to worry about security issues, as the system is private and secure. Lastly, digital records management allows you to easily distribute your records and documents, both internally and externally, through your preferred method of distribution. 

Document Management with 9-ONE-1 Marketing

If your emergency service organization is located in Horsham, PA, or the surrounding areas, then 9-ONE-1 Marketing is your go-to for professional document management services. We utilize G Suite for Nonprofit technologies to develop a digital records management system that can help your organization communicate quickly and efficiently. Every member of your team will be able to access your records anytime and anywhere they please. With this integrated system, your team can also send department-wide emails with Gmail, set meeting times and schedules with Calendar, share Google Docs between administrators seamlessly, or even video chat via Google Hangouts for those working remotely. When you take advantage of the document management services provided by 9-ONE-1 Marketing, you can say goodbye to wasted time spent on outdated systems and hello to more time for serving and protecting your community!

Digitize Your Documents Today with 9-ONE-1 Marketing

Emergency service organizations in Horsham and the surrounding areas choose 9-ONE-1 Marketing for their document management services and digital marketing because we only work with organizations like yours. We have a deep understanding of the needs of emergency service organizations, which makes us the most qualified for all of your marketing needs. Contact us today to get started on document management services for your department!

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