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Today, we all know the impacts that digital marketing can have on your business. Social media, search engine optimization, and paid advertising have proven to be incredibly influential in the policing and public safety industry. At 9-ONE-1 Marketing, we utilize these digital tools to help departments stand out from the crowd. But we also know, however, that some relationships are created and sustained (and a strong sense of awareness can be built) outside of the computer screens. 


We provide promotional products for police departments that help you connect with the right people, and for a long time! Below, we’ve compiled the three pillars of our promotional services to help you understand the importance of customized, branded promotional items. 


Promotional Items: 

Working often with tight budgets and a general lack of time, money, and resources to spend on marketing, police departments should look to more affordable campaigns that can drive genuine success. Public safety promotional items can be created and distributed at an incredibly low cost and can produce repeat exposure for your department in the community. The best promotional products are items that the average consumer would use in their daily lives. In that regard, branded products like pens, scratchpads, or key chains become a daily reminder of your organization and its allegiance to your town or city. As 9-ONE-1 Marketing is a specialized agency that works with emergency service organizations, we create high-quality, industry-niche items for your police department like police badges or siren coffee mugs. 



Everybody loves swag! Apparel and clothing are perhaps the most successful public safety promotional items because they have many uses. Firstly, your entire department can be organized with style by creating custom gear for your officers or other members to wear when they’re off-duty. This initiative can increase retention rates and show your officers that they are truly appreciated. On the other hand, apparel is a great way for community members to show their support for your department, and also convince their friends, family, or co-workers to support you as well. The key purpose of promotional items is to make long-lasting impressions on potential customers or supporters, and high-quality clothing is practical, stylish, and durable. 


Community Events/Signage: 

The great people of Blue Bell and the surrounding Montgomery County areas love to engage with those who are actively making a difference and want to learn more about local heroes. 9-ONE-1 Marketing creates the highest quality graphics and displays to stop traffic and get you noticed! We design portal booths, pop-up displays, flags, and a myriad of other signage options that draws traffic to your mission and highlights your organization’s key services. These events can be informative and can help you build tangible human relationships with those you proudly serve. 


The 9-ONE-1 Difference: 

9-ONE-1 Marketing is not your average marketing agency. We work specifically with organizations in the emergency service industry because we understand their needs, their budgets, and their year-round goals. We only deliver the highest quality promo items made from the most trusted brands and manufacturers to enhance your police department awareness and showcase impactful messaging to your audience. If you’re in Blue Bell or anywhere throughout Pennsylvania, and your department is ready to work with our team of expert specialists, give us a call today at (484) 673- 0385! 

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